Donation Program


In March and April 2020, we raised over $80,000 to rapidly-produce face shields for New York city medical workers. That includes $20,000 we were awarded from Mozilla through their MOSS grant program.

Our initial donation program wrapped up at the end of May 2020 after we successfully produced and delivered 16,208 face shields to over 200 hospitals and supporting organizations.

Starting in June 2020 we will begin sales of PPE. Crowdfunding was absolutely crucial for our initial 10-week donation program, but we cannot rely on that approach if we want to continue producing these much-needed products.

So, although we are now selling the face shields, we have committed to donating 5% of our profits to a local nonprofit, Veterans Rebuilding Life, who will continue donating PPE to those in need here in New York City.

If you still need donated face shields please fill out this form and our partners will be in touch with options.